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Each Surfboard Barrette is Hand Painted
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Barrette Surfboards for Your Hair!

Hyperaccents has a large selection of surfboard Barrettes, and if You would like Your Surfboard Hair Barrettes hand painted, with Your Logo,or maybe with a  graphic design from Our Gallery, Personalized is No Problem! Take a look at Our Promotional, and Personalized Pages for more
info. Check it out!

Hand Painted Surf Barrettes

Each one unique! Any design can be duplicated to an extent, but no twosunset hand painted on surfboard hair barrettes are exactly alike, that is the individuality, and true beauty of Hand Painted Item's.
Take a look at Our Boards painted page to see next to each other several painted hair barrettes of the same design, and You will notice each one is a little different.

Promotional Surfboard Barrettes

Surfboard Barrettes are great eye level advertising, and a unique promotional
item.Do Ycustom made hair accessories fort lauderdale barretteou have a business, or a website You would like to advertise? Do You have a trade show coming up and need some promotional give away items, or maybe You just need the perfect accessory for Your employee uniforms. Picture Your Logo incorporated with the beauty of a hand painted surfboard barrette. Let us design a sample for You


Corona Extra Barrettes are Licensed Merchandise
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Surfboards Painted
Surfboards Painted
Surfboards Painted
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